One stands in his snug
The other steps in the street
One hears the tapping keyboards
The other hears the agitation
and accelerates, his veins swell,
walking, marching, running
so close, so close
people, people
all silent around the one in the snug
who continues tapping
fierce fingers
in his hands
in his
The other stands in the middle
not in the snug
the middle of the crowd
And shouts:
"We want what we want!"
And it's like the other hears him
a strange expression in his face
in his
fingers tapdancing
taken, taken, demonic
"We have won"
he reads
what he wrote
"We have won"
"Just to be here, it's a victory"
says the other to the crowd
someone asks "What do we want?"
But yes, the word is powerful: a victory
So it's not so wrong
"We have won"
Yes... "we have won"
Slam enter key
and a second later
"how strong a defeated promising battle
hits us at our sleep?
for how long a frustration
retain us sleepwalking?"
there's no coming back
the risk to get a little better
is the risk to get far worse
a scenario where we celebrate
and the other oh so quiet
as the snug where one stands


a friend's birthday
what a inconvenient occasion
a friend should be celebrated
at all hours
in silence.
"So, this day, you have to congratulate your friend"
no, the very being of this friend
congratulates me
for - as said - being his friend
and each time I meet him
I smile
and each time I do not meet him
but remember him
carry him with me
I smile the same smile
and it's like I was with him for a brief moment
a tiny wind
filled with his body movements
the way he stands
his body balance
here and there as he speaks
cuts phrases and finish sentences without a clear conclusion
and the weight he carries on his shoulders
a short laugh to release it
a long one when stoned
dizzy gaze
and the highly-renewed surmises
about how everything's wrong
and how we're a part of the turning it right
despite all our laziness
which also explains why sometimes I don't go to friend's birthdays

to be at your place
feels like to be at my place
when you're not around
but it's so cruel to say that
it makes me wonder
how could you build a place
so alike as my own
if I had this one
of my own
with the same white thin shelves
the balcony
left-sided bed lamp
How could you build a place
that seems so right for me
I mean:
so right for you, so right for me
really something strange
or perhaps I just made myself comfortable
as you were
building this place
as we were
in this building
of ours


A new day has rised
with all its new contents
and all its old contents
while I still try to find
if I am yesterdays's me
or today's me
and what exactly is the difference
which by the way they say
"it's huge!"
and I look at my arms
they're the same size they were yesterday
and I look at my legs
they're the same size they were yesterday
I look at my fingers
they're the same size
Yesterday's size
So I look back at then
as stylish as I can
and I say
"What's the big news, pal?"
and they, with big eyes
"The possibilities, all these possibilities!"
they scream, they yell
and they cry
they cry as if they would vanish
if they didn't cry
And I say
- as stylish as I can get, again -
"I'm sorry, pal, these so called
have not reached my brain"
Their faces, all of then, suspicious
They look at my forehead
my eyes, my chewing gum mouth
ready to spit and chew
spit at their feet
And they get superior
"Yes, they have,
these possibilites,
today, you've got to choose
And you choose to ignore"
"Guess I'll die as the dumbest man alive"
I say
"As you all will get smarter
I'll get dumber
and dumber
and dumber
Till' I get so dumb
and you so smart
that we'll definitely meet."
So I walk through them
without knowing
where my legs can take me
And I see their faces
And they also don't know
But they are together
And I am together
with me
my future
and the smell of wet grass growing beneath moist rocks
that just isn't there
and I bring back from years past
to wave my hand
it's been a very unique day.